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New Shippment  Niigata- Momotago- Sakai -Hoshikin- Dainichi  ( new shipment high class arrived  5/20 - today to  fatherday sale momotaro tosai buy 2 get one free or buy 4 get 3 free )
Ultra Media - 1 Cu Ft
Product ID:PS0002
Our Price:$55.00
Welcome to regan Nishikigoi
  • We supply HQ japanese koi importer Buy trip often go to japan,
  •  we have direct hand select from many farm north to south,standard to high class show  quality.. 
  • We sale the best quality  hand select  Japanese koi  at a reasonable Price
  • We have many variety of koi for you to choose from such as kumonryu, goshiki, utsuri, koromo, midorigoi, ochiba,
  • kujaku, ogon, kikusui, hariwake, shusu asagi, and of course the traditional gosanke (kohaku, showa, and sanke).
  • We generally stock all sizes of quality Japanese koi from 4 inches to big fish and over thousands in stock for you to choose.
  • Now We Have Tosai, Nisai- Jumbo Tosai (Tategoi Koi )&Tosai Hirenaga (Longfin) from Ogata & Niigata -Hiroshima From Japan are Here

Announcements :

          ***   Koi Mixed Fingerlings   ***

 value fish 150$ up  ( customer pay @ air cargo in pickup 45$-125$  aircargo  (4-25 in ) )

*** hawaii and alaska  state pls call us for shipping changer ***

==> winter special koi sale  live koi  13in - 24 in 150$ and 300$ 

Koi Shipments Arrival Dates:
  New shipment spring 2015 arrived to our shop safely in healthy condition 

note :  all price on live koi and shipping cost  will be change without note ( side not warranty just estimate)

          **********DVD MOVIE ALL JAPAN KOI SHOW 2014 AVAILABLE puchase or got free with order live koi over 500$ *********

*** We Carry Many Food For You choice ***

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