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New Shippment  Niigata- Momotago- Sakai -Hoshikin- Dainichi   Are Here ( special koi end summer onsale 13-24 in only 150$-300$  )
Ultra Media - 1 Cu Ft
Ultra Media - 1 Cu Ft
Product ID: PS0002
Our Price:$55.00
Welcome to regan Nishikigoi
  • We supply HQ japanese koi importer Buy trip often go to japan,
  •  we have direct hand select from many farm north to south,standard to high class show  quality.. 
  • We sale the best quality  hand select  Japanese koi  at a reasonable Price
  • We have many variety of koi for you to choose from such as kumonryu, goshiki, utsuri, koromo, midorigoi, ochiba,
  • kujaku, ogon, kikusui, hariwake, shusu asagi, and of course the traditional gosanke (kohaku, showa, and sanke).
  • We generally stock all sizes of quality Japanese koi from 4 inches to big fish and over thousands in stock for you to choose.
  • Now We Have Tosai, Nisai- Jumbo Tosai (Tategoi Koi )&Tosai Hirenaga (Longfin) from Ogata & Niigata -Hiroshima From Japan are Here

Announcements :


!!!!Momotaro Koi Farm Autumn 2014 !!!
We will have our first auction of the season on Monday September 29th and
Tuesday September 30th. When we have more details we will update this homepage.
Please come back for more information in the coming weeks.
We look forward to seeing everybody this Autumn

!!! Sakai koi farm auction 1-2/10-2014 !!!

!!! Dainichi koi farm auction 7/10/2014 !!! we will bethere on auction day .. contrac us to find special koi  for you ..


          ***   Koi Mixed Fingerlings   ***

 value fish 20$-100$ order {under 500$ - 10$ box free}  (  customer pay @ air cargo in pickup  75$ aircargo 1-30 ea ( 3in -7 in ) - fedex options 150$-400$ )
 value fish under 150$  ( customer pay @ air cargo in pickup 75$-125$  aircargo 1-20 ea (8-9 in )-fedex option 250$-400$ )

*** hawaii and alaska  state pls call us for shipping changer ***

==> summer special koi sale  live koi  13in - 24 in 150$ and 300$ ( under 500$ - 15$ box )

Koi Shipments Arrival Dates:
  arrived to our shop safely in healthy condition 


 koi  shipping from Hiroshima and  Niigata have arrived to our shop safely in healthy condition! 

  • note :  all price on live koi and shipping cost  will be change without note ( side not warranty just estimate)

          **********DVD MOVIE ALL JAPAN KOI SHOW 2014 AVAILABLE puchase or got free with order live koi over 500$ *********

*** We Carry Many Food For You choice ***

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